“Where A Number Becomes a Name ”

Today they go from a number, to a name...

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The first four Mustangs have officially arrived!

Today they go from a number, to a name...

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Kw Charlie Horse 

Tagged as "6005" and his brand is 12646005.  Charlie is a 4 year old sorrel gelding, captured March 1, 2012 in Oklahoma.

Happily adopted by Kathleen Lyons who fell in love with Mustangs after riding Cisco’s Sassy Sensation in lessons, and showing her in the dressage ring at the recent Pipestave three-phase event.

Kw Princess Matilda 

Tagged as "5757" and her brand is 04015757.  Matilda is a 12 year old brown mare who was captured August 12, 2004 in Oregon. Happily Adopted by Jenn Vail who has been working closely with Matilda over the last two months. Matilda has clearly claimed her as her human.  Matilda took easily to Kaitlyne’s training, and by ride two, they were already cantering! Jenn plans to show Matilda next year in pleasure and two-phase events.

Kw Mr. McGee

Tagged as "6419" and his brand is 13646419.  McGee is a three year old bay gelding, captured May 1, 2013 in Nebraska. Happily Adopted by Kathleen Lyons July 2017

Kw Ziva 

Tagged as "2419" and her brand is 11022419.  Ziva is a 5 year old black mare, captured October 10, 2012.