Kaitlyne Wadman Owner & Trainer

Kaitlyne Wadman, an AQHA Professional Horsewoman and a co-owner of Milestone Equestrian Centre in Haverhill, MA, has been involved in the horse industry her entire life. Her younger years were spent traveling throughout the country with her parent’s team roping on various circuits. At age 5 Kaitlyne and her mother traveled to the All American Quarter Horse Congress and it was there where her dream of showing on the AQHA circuit came to life. The next year Kaitlyne returned to the Congress aboard TP Charlie’s Angel where she competed in the Small Frye Walk-trot division.

As a youth Kaitlyne experienced success with trainers like Bill Buckley and Liz Haynes. Her career went into over drive when she began training with Gretchen Mathes and Gino Spagnolia of Powder Brook Farm. She and her equine partner, “Some Like it Shady,” also know as Stanley, amassed countless awards to include:

Fifth place Hunt Seat Equitation 2009 AQHYA World Show

Finalist in Halter AQHYA World Show

AQHA Youth Superior Hunter under Saddle

AQHA Youth Superior Equitation

AQHA Youth Superior Halter

MASSQHA High Point Youth 2005 to 2010

AQHA Youth Supreme Champion

Region 6 High Point All Around Youth and All Around Open Division

Numerous Top Ten finishes at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

37 Youth All Around Championships

Kaitlyne was the first Massachusetts teenager to be chosen to compete on the United States AQHA Youth World Cup Team. As a leadership member of the team, Kaitlyne spent 10 days in Oklahoma competing against teams from 17 different countries as well as participating in seminars and clinics. Her leadership skills were also put to work as the acting Massachusetts Youth Club President from 2005-2009.

Kaitlyne’s talent and dedication allows her to offer many areas of expertise to people of all ages and skill levels. Her training methods and philosophies are a combination of her own style of training and the training methods of those trainers she has worked with. Those trainers include Peter Kyle, from whom Kaitlyne has learned and competed successfully in the reining pen, Chris Cox, Bruce Vickery and Josh Lyons. She combines her methods with these trainers that she admires and builds a plan for each individual horse and rider that will work for them.

Kaitlyne began her journey with Mustangs through the 2015 Extreme Mustang Makeover, in which contestants have approximately 100 days to gentle, halter break and saddle train, build trust and develop a relationship with the horse to compete and win.

In 2015 Kaitlyne was paired with Cisco's Sassy Sensation, winning 6th in the competition. In 2016, Kaitlyne competed in the Mustang Makeover again, working with Krystle-Lu Martin's Boston Strong. The two placed 3rd, and also brought home Fan Favorite.

Kaitlyne is now working to train Mustangs for new homes. She is specializing in "three strike" Mustangs, which are Mustangs that are untamed, and have been passed over for adoption three times in the past. These animals, once trained by Kaitlyne, will be available with immediate title and will be priced according to training time and discipline. Kaitlyne will also be working through the Mustang Heritage's TIP program, in which Mustangs trained by her will be available for adoption with a fee to the Mustang Heritage Foundation and priced based on training time and discipline.

Cisco's Sassy Sensation

Sassy is a 6 year old Mustang born in the wild and rounded up by the BLM. Sassy was Kaitlyne's first experience working with an unbroke Mustang and changed her perspective on the breed and how she wanted her career to develop.

Sassy was named for Kaitlyne's father's horse, Cisco. "He was one of the greatest horses that we were ever blessed to have owned. He was a ranch rope horse when we got him and it didn't take long for him to become part of our family. He looked out for everyone, he touched so many hearts, he taught so many to ride and he became Matt and Kaitlyne's best friend. He has been gone five years and there is not a day that goes by we don't mention his name. After spending time with this Mustang, she is so much like Cisco it only seems fitting to name her Cisco's Sassy Sensation. Let's hope she follows in his hoof prints."

Sassy came into Kaitlyne's life as she grieved for her ex-boyfriend, Zack, who had died in a car accident. Sassy's ride in the Top 10 Freestyle at the Makeover was dedicated to Zack, and his parents bought her during the auction so she and Kaitlyne would be together, forever healing each other. Sassy rode again for Zack in the All American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle with Kaitlyne's QH, TP Harley Daniels.

Sassy and Kaitlyne placed 6th in their first Extreme Mustang Makeover and Sassy is now regularly showing and winning in evening and jumping shows.

Krystle-Lu Martin's Boson strong 

Krystle is a 5 year old three-strike Mustang born in captivity.  Kaitlyne picked up Krystle from the holding facility on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Kaitlyne was given 105 days to take Krystle from an untamed wild Mustang to a fully trained competitor in the 2016 Extreme Mustang Makeover.  The day Krystle was picked up, Kaitlyne posted this about their coming journey:

Dear fellow Bostonians,

As everyone in Massachusetts knows, on April 15th 2013 Boston was attacked. Many people were injured and affected by this attack and 3 were killed due to the bombing - Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, and Martin Richard.

Today I was on my way to Orange MA to pick up my mustang for this year's Extreme Mustang Challenge. I sat there staring out the window making plans for myself - to better myself - trying to make my dreams become reality... But as I thought about all my ideas becoming reality, I realized that today is the 3 year anniversary of the marathon bombing. I paused for a moment or two thinking - how selfish I am for thinking about myself when there are these 3 young people, who had dreams and plans of their own that they couldn't make reality. And the pain that the families still feel - the emotional space that will never be replaced in their hearts - as I continued to think on all of this I thought - how can I make a difference? I know grief and loss, and last year's challenge was about working through that. Maybe this year's journey could help these families and friends have hope they can feel the love again.

So I've decided that this year's Mustang will be named after us Bostonians to carry on the memory of the 3 lives lost. This year's 2016 mustang will be named Krystle-Lu Martin's Boston Strong. We are all Boston Strong and Krystle, Lu, and Martin's memory will carry on with this journey.

Krystle and Kaitlyne placed 3rd in the 2016 Extreme Mustang Challenge and are looking forward to showing in a number of upcoming events.